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Custom Laser Group

Patriotic Wave

Patriotic Wave

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Every bag is a unique one of a kind piece. Although we can make additional pieces, no two will be exactly the same. They have been known to be showstoppers that create fantastic conversation pieces that look like art, but function as your handbag.

Our wood handbags have been assembled by hand with care. The bags are precision cut from US originated wood, made specifically for lasering. The living hinges are compiled of tiny cuts to create each bend and curve in the piece. Because this bag is made from wood, and laser cut with a CO2 laser, there can be some markings on the bag's interior. This is normal & not a flaw. Your bag should be handled with care, although quite sturdy. This artful bag is not intended for everyday use. A dust cover to store your bag will also be provided. The wood is not made to be soaked with water, but it will hold up if water accidentally splashes on the surface. Just wipe completely dry.

We can custom make any bag for you, from any image or pattern, upon request. Our bags can also be engraved and/or made from acrylic, instead of wood. We also offer matching earrings in the pattern of your choice. You can even supply Custom Laser Group a picture or material that we can then turn into an image, placed on a wood or acrylic core, just for you! This makes for an awesome bag or other memorable lasered items.

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